Seyoum (Norbu) is a composer from Oslo, Norway creating digital and acoustic music of various styles. “I like to explore all aspects of music, from post- to pre-production. I have never limited my creativity to a certain music genre, and I am always searching for new inspiration.”

Move (Wind Of Freedom remix)


A Drowning – Vapor Remix

This is my second How To Destroy Angels Remix. Following the success and anticipation of the first one was kind of hard so I spent more time than usual to complete this one. I actually recomposed the remix 3 times and ended mastering the track 8 times until I was satisfied. I still feel there is something missing but too much fine touch and touch up can sometimes make a track worse. At this point it is what it is. Thanks for the support!

How Long [Deep Sky Remix]

I have spent four days on this remix in total. I have made HTDA remixes before but I have always been late for the submission date. This time luckily I made it. I really hope you like it. The remix is a part of a contest that can be found on the indaba remix page.


This is a composition I started on about a year ago. It represents my musical style a lot as a musician. Last year I was very inspired by classical art to create music and this track is heavily influenced by William Bouguereau’s painting called Nyx, the word for “night” in ancient Greek. According to the legend Nyx is the goddess of night and the mother of several gods such as Hypnos – sleep, Thanatos – death and Oneiroi –dreams. It is interesting that this composition also gave birth to many other similar compositions later on. It was a composition which, under the process of making it, inspired me to make supplementary compositions which all have similarities and differences to Nyx. Perhaps with time, these compositions may contribute to an album of stories such as Nyx.


A rendition of the painting  is also complimented on the art cover. I have made similar tracks which I might upload at a later point if I get some time to finish them. I had a lot of problems with the master on this track because of its complex arrangement. Initially I did not want to master the track as a radio/pop track because I wanted to keep the sonic dynamic. But considering how the majority of people listen to music today I eventually decided to go for a loudness level similar to a radio broadcast.

Tale Of Fantasy

Just made a little tune. Can’t say I wasn’t inspired by Nobu Uematsu. It has been a while since I have played the piano…

A Thousand Miles Away

A thousand miles away is a brief encounter with sounds and inspiration from the east. The initial unprocessed composition features piano, koto, cello, viola and a jazz drum section. The track is the product of the overall ambient and epic timbre of the reverberation of the individual tracks.

Mashup – Battlecry vs DMT

Mashup: XXYYXXDMT & Shing02Battlecry

Lyrics by Shing02

Sharp like an edge of a samurai sword
The mental blade cut through flesh and bone
Though my mind’s at peace, the world out of order
Missing the inner heat, life gets colder
Oh yes, I have to find my path
No less, walk on earth, water and fire
The elements compose a magnum opus
My modus operandi is amalgam steel packed tight in micro
Chip on my armor a sign of all-pro
The ultimate reward is honor not awards
At odds with the times in wars with no Lords, a Freelancer
A battle cry of a hawk make a dove fly and a tear dry
Wonder why a lone wolf don’t run with a clan
Only trust your instincts and be one with the plan

Some days, Some nights
Some live, Some die
in the way of the Samurai
Some fight, Some bleed
Sun up to Sun down
The Sons of a battle cry

Some days, Some nights
Some live, Some die
in the name of the Samurai
Some fight, Some bleed
Sun up to Sun down
The Sons of a battle cry

Look, just the air around him
An aura surrounding the heir apparent
He might be a peasant but shine like grand royalty
He to the people and land, loyalty
We witness above all to hear this,
Sea sickness in the ocean of wickedness
Set sail to the sun set no second guessing
Far east style with the spirit of wild west
The “quote-unquote” code stands the test of
Time for the chosen ones to find the best of
Noble minds that ever graced the face of
A hemisphere with no fear, fly over
The blue yonder where
The sky meets the sea
And eye meets no eye
And boy meets world
And became a man to serve the word
To save the day, the night, and the girl too