Improvisation recorded on 16th of May 2014
Felt piano sampled by Gwilym Simcock, Spitfire Audio
Artwork: Florian Mueller – Papersky, 2013


A good friend of mine introduced me to the trap scene a year ago and since then I wanted to create something similar. Not necessarily in the direction of trap but something that catches the vibe I like about the genre. This track represents a lot of that. But it is also the first track I have created in this genre and it shows that I am still very green on this, which is ok. I din’t make the tune to amaze people. It was more an attempt to explore the genre.


This time I was inspired by elecronic musician Gessafelstein’s new album Apleph which is a fresh breeze in the ever evolving electronic scene in Europe. His themes are often dark, serious or disturbing. But Gessafelstein does something not many people do when they make music. Instead of conforming to the conventional samples he replaces standard instruments you would think would fit in the song, with completely different samples. I am sure that he spends a lot of time finding the right samples because many of the tracks I have listened to is like candy to my ears. Although this track is nothing near the work for Aleph, I learnt a lot by creating the track. But it wasn’t before after I finished the track that I realized what was missing. I didn’t need to change it then, because now I know, and that is the most important thing.


It’s should not be a surprise that I am often inspired by ethnic instruments and that I like to combine different music genres. This track is no exception from that. It features a Japanese solo Koto and Taiko drums to compliment the oriental theme that goes through the track.


I made this track after I got my hands on the Maschine Mikro MKII by Native Instruments. It was really just testing out the new soft/hardware and the possibilities. I am not used to trigger pads or drum machines. But I was very satisfied with this one. The feeling, after touch and velocity sensitivity is just great. It’s a shame that it doesn’t work properly after Native Instruments upgraded the software to 2.0, that is at least in Cubase 7 thoug. I had a blast at it anyway and it was fun making the beat.


Believe it or not I was inspired by GTAIV to create the intro for this song. Apart from that the track is more inspired by Tokyo. I have only been in Japan twice, but the impression I got has stuck with me for a long time. And this track is a hint of how I see Tokyo, my interpretation as an outsider, observing, enjoying and traveling around.


Snow In The Mountains is a piece created as a relaxing, gentle and calm track. Almost meditative in a way. It was probably because I was really inspired by John Cage’s In A Landscape, a piece which I admire beyond words, that i made this track. We live in a world of stress and very few of us take time to relax or meditate unless we have a reason to. The track is a little long, but the track itself is very slow and has such a calm vibe that I really wanted the listener to enjoy the state for a while. I guess that was my way of trying to give people a reason to relax, reflect or meditate. Not in a spiritual way, but just to get in a relaxed state.


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